2 Games to Go

I took off work early yesterday to join Callie and her parents for a Dodger game. We left Huntington Beach around 2 pm in order to beat any possible traffic that would hinder our ability to get to the game on time. The game started at 7, so we were a bit early.

We stopped by the Griffith Observatory, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m disappointed that I’ve waited this long before getting out there. If you go there, I’d recommend setting aside at least a few hours to soak it all in.

The Dodger game was great. We showed up to the park about 30-45 minutes early which is always nice. First stop is the concession stand to get a tall beer and a Dodger Dog. This is only the second time we’ve been to a Dodger game this season, but it’s always a treat going to Dodger Stadium because I think they are doing a great job of modernizing the ballpark while at the same time keeping the lore of generations past.


We won 4-2 over the Giants reducing the magic number to clinch the division from 2 to 1. Tonight Clayton Kershaw is on the mound, so if the rest of his season is any indication of how tonight’s game will turn out, we should wrap things up fairly easily.

One final thought: When you first show up to park, they give you the option to pay extra to get a better parking spot. It’s not really worth the extra money you pay. What would actually make it worth it to plenty of people (making it worth it to the Guggenheim Group) is to give an expedited escape route once the game is over. Instead of paying $15 to park, you pay $25, but you don’t have to waste an extra hour of your life trying to get out of the parking lot.

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