Backpacking San Gabriel

We recently went backpacking up the east fork of the San Gabriel River. The river is well traveled by miners, bungee jumpers, and some of the folks that venture a bit past the bungee jumping spot to hang out in “The Narrows.”

We were a couple of the folks that ventured a bit past the bridge. The bridge was cool though. They had music and bungee jumping. The river (more like  a creek) was flowing below, so there were quite a few people hanging out in the water below.

Living it up with a PBR
Living it up with a PBR
Our camp
Our camp
We wouldn't have made it without the water.
We wouldn’t have made it without the water.
Big horn sheep? !
Big horn sheep? !

We clearly saw the tuba sheep, but on our way out we passed a chatty miner who let us know that we just missed 6 up on the ridge. Overall it was a good trip. Definitely the best hiking (near water) that we’ve experienced to date.

The one negative was the amount of miners that were up there. I understand the draw of mining, but some of the people up there are sketchy. I suppose for good reason. The main trail is something like 6 miles to the Bridge to Nowhere, and is traveled by all sorts of idiots without water, wearing flip flops, you name it. Some of those miners have a bit of coin on them after mining, so I can understand how they would be on edge with a bunch of teenagers running around. To a normal person, they seem like tweakers. They might be, but that just goes to show the level of sketch depending on who you run into out there.

I also had my first encounter with a rattlesnake. I’d never heard a rattlesnake before, but I knew exactly what it was when I heard it. It was near a boulder face that had some water trickling down. I walked up to the trickle and without knowing it the snake was right there. He didn’t see me at first, but when he did I jumped back a good 5-7 feet. Good times..

It was an overall success and we’ll likely go back. Maybe not quite as far into tweaker territory next time.

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