Sunday Morning Bike Ride

I did some work on my website today and one of the elements I wanted to add was a time-lapse video. If you don’t already have it, the new version of ios has the time-lapse option on it. I’ve tested it out around the house, but it’s so fast that you can’t really do anything fun with the video. I read somewhere that depending on the length of the video, it gets processed into a shorter version. The video I took was probably around 15 minutes total, but after it finished processing, it was scrunched down to a 30 second clip.

This was still incredibly fast and unusable, so I dumped the video into Adobe After Effects and slowed it down to about 1:40. It’s better, but not ideal. Now it looks like a bunch of still shots all pieced together.

Anyways, you can take a look at it on the About page of the website. I thought it would be fun to video the bike ride from my house all the way down to the ocean, so that’s what I did. I don’t have a phone mount on my bike, so I was reduced to holding the phone in my hand throughout the trip. Again, not ideal but it’s another adventure worth trying.

After I finished shooting the video, I took this picture from the South side of the pier looking down toward Newport Beach. The water was warm and the sun shining bright. Great day for an adventure.

Huntington Beach Morning
Beautiful morning in Huntington Beach.

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