Cigarette Daydreams

I was listening to Patty Griffin today at work. I love her older stuff. “Makin Pies” is probably my favorite song by her. I love “Rain” though too, and after a few times of listening to the track, I decided I wanted to learn it today. I started going after it and there was just too much B minor for my liking, so I switched to a song I was messing with a couple weeks ago by Cage the Elephant called “Cigarette Daydreams.” Totally switching gears, but hey, I’ve been drinking wine too so there’s that.

I had the idea that I wanted to upload music to the site (this site is still pretty new to me so I was a little excited), but WordPress made me upgrade in order to do it (go figure). But F that, I’m pushing forward anyway.

I was trying to record in the dining room of our apartment, but the filter of the fish tank was too loud and overall there was just too much ambient noise. I tried hooking up my old recording equipment, but there are cables missing, the program sucks, etc, so I decided that if I really wanted to make this happen, I had to figure it out.

Our apartment has a strange section in the middle “the hallway” where you can close the doors to all the connecting rooms, leaving a 3 foot wide by 9 foot long space that creates an echo effect. I had to leave the bathroom door open so I could play the guitar normal style rather than play like an upright bass.

“Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage the Elephant


Here’s another song I like quite a bit. Admittedly, I haven’t played it in a while. I started to forget the words and rather than stop playing, I improvised by using the f bomb to fill the space haha. This song isn’t that long, but on some longer songs, it’s extremely frustrating when you get near the end and either forget the words, hit a wrong note, or the neighbor upstairs decides to start tap dancing on the tile floor with her wooden clogs.

“Salesman at the Day of the Parade” by Rogue Wave

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