Noble Ale 4th Anniversary Party

I went into the day not really knowing what to expect. I’ve been to Noble a few times. It’s an awesome staging point for Angels games, but it’s in an industrial area and difficult to find if you haven’t been there before. If you haven’t been there before, you’ll feel like you’re lost the first time you go. But it’s worth it. Big time. Their beers are legit and it totally has that small business vibe that I definitely like.


I don’t know if the owner had these parties in mind when he chose the spot, but it would totally make sense if that was the case. The party spot is a parking lot that is fenced naturally on two sides by the buildings, so there actually only needs to be fencing on two sides.


One of the really cool things they did had to do with the music. They had a house band, but every half hour or so, they would change the focal point of the show. The lead singers were all well established brewers, but happened to be pretty damn good at playing music as well. The picture below and the video are of the owner of Noble. This guy rocked. He’s my age, maybe a year or two older, but he’s clearly talented if he can make Noble to the quality brand that it is, and randomly (to me) sing some sweet jams on the side.


We had a great time and will likely keep going to this party as long as we live in Southern California.

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