Alta Laguna Hike

Today we went on a hike in Laguna. The Noble party yesterday was rough on me, so I was reluctant, but it was a good decision to get moving and sweat it out today. I’ve been to Alta Laguna Park in the past, but I hadn’t dropped off the ridge top to get down into the bottom. It’s one of the coolest spots I’ve been in a while. With the rain that Southern California has been getting lately, a lot of dry places have been greening up nicely.

The only downside was that there are quite a bit of mountain bikers, but I also love to mountain bike, so is not really a downside. Just a revelation that I wanna rip through someday. In all seriousness though, when you’re riding and you come up on some hikers, you should yell “rider!” or at least “get the f out of the way!” We shouldn’t have to dive out of the way like Ricky Henderson stealing second.

I also bought a new hat today. It’s seriously sheer coincidence that it pretty much matches Callie’s hat exactly haha.

081 089 083 080

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