Dodgers vs. Rockies

I love going to Dodger Stadium. I have a good time every time I go. We usually try to find tickets in the $30 – $50 dollar range. We did the same this time and ended up with tickets in the very first row of section 45 (field level in left field).

Today, Scott Van Slyke was in left field. I’ve always liked Van Slyke and I suppose today contributed to that going 3 – 4 with a home run.

I’ve always thought it would be awkward being on the kiss cam, or being responsible for a strange dance when “Who Let The Dogs Out” was playing for the jumbotron, but today I was chosen for a mini game-show they have and it wasn’t too bad. It’s pretty basic and rather silly. You have to guess what a particular member of the team would have guessed with the same question.

I was given this question, “What is Yasmani Grandahl’s favorite president on Mt. Rushmore?” He’s from Cuba and he’s our starting catcher haha. Here’s what happened:

I think I was chosen because I was sitting at the very front of the section and on the very edge of the row, making it pretty practical for a TV camera and a microphone.

They made me sign a release form and told me whether I won or lost the game, I would be given a free pair of shoes. New Balance was sponsoring the contest, so thanks are in order to them. I also had to agree to be very happy about winning and be of the rah rah sort haha!

I almost said no, but they showed me the shoes and they were trail running shoes, so I agreed. I later found out that I can basically have any New Balance shoes I want, and in any color. I want to get Callie some trail running shoes so she can help me gear up for the Grand Canyon, so I think this whole thing will help the cause. Go Dodgers!

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