Jennie Lakes Wilderness

Saturday Night

We brought too much food. I’m writing this from inside the tent. We just got back from the bear hang and the 13L dry bag I use barely fit each of our snacks, food and cook set. Live and learn. Jennie Lake is remarkeable. I took a few pictures with the nice mountain reflection on the water. I guess we’ll see how they turn out in a couple of days.


This camp is very crowded. There were only a few parties that filled out the register at the trailhead, so we were a bit surprised at the boomtown population when we got here. People try to find the quickest camp that will suit their needs, and they end up (in Bruce Lee’s words) missing all that heavenly glory.

We walked only a few hundred feet further and found a nice camp. It’s been pretty wet here, so starting a fire was a waste of time. I spent more time trying to keep it alive than I did spend enjoying it. All that work kept me warm though so it’s not a complete failure.


I brought my iPhone on the trip mostly for the convenience of picture taking, but here I sit in the tent before bed listening to Josh Ritter’s new(ish) album. I find myself recalling John Muir quotes that Callie was reciting earlier in the day and Ritter’s lyrics that further strengthen the grasp that the wilderness has on me.


We left Jennie Camp at the crack of 8:30 am despite waking up at 6. Leaving camp we had to go through Jo Pass which has quite a bit of snow still. It was only about 6-12 inches deep, but more of an issue was trying to find the trail in some spots. Multiple times we wandered off course.


The info we found on this section said that it was a little over 8 miles to Weaver Lake, but we found it to be about 10. Maybe that was the wandering.

Weaver Lake is beautiful. Just like Jennie, but actually less crowded today. As I write this there are 3 tents about 25 feet from ours, so there’s that. Only about 3.5 miles back to the car tomorrow. We’re trying to get an earlier start so we have time to go visit a different section of the Sequoias which Callie tells me has some of the oldest living trees on the planet.




It was a pretty quick walk out. We left at 7:30 am even though we skipped breakfast and woke up at 6. I’m glad it was easy getting out though because we were pretty sore from the last 2 days of hiking. We’re slowly working our way up to the next level.

Going to the Sequoias was a nice treat. Finding a cup of coffee was a trick, but we made it happen at Lone Pine. I’ve always thought that Redwood trees were the biggest trees, or maybe some other exotic species in the Amazon. Turns our the biggest trees in the world are only about 5 hours away from where we live.


The main attraction of Sequoia National Park is the General Sherman Tree. It’s not the tallest or widest tree, but it is the heaviest and has the most volume of any other tree on the planet. Sequoia trees own most of the other records you’d care to know about too.


I find myself saying that each trip I take into the woods is my favorite. I think that it might turn out that the woods are my favorite.



Monday Morning Interjection

While I was out to get the bear hang I didn’t have my journal on me, so I used a recording app on my phone. “The morning has an eerie still to it. The campfire smoke from last night clings to the trees, mocking the forest. As if to say, ‘We’re here to appreciate you, but we can still burn you down.'” It’s a sad truth that I wish didn’t exist. Let’s take care of the land so it can continue to heal us.

One Comment on “Jennie Lakes Wilderness

  1. Thanks for taking us along on this amazing journey with your inspirational photos and narrative Dave! Lisa and Cam


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