Huntington Beach Marathon Training

I ran my first marathon a couple of months ago, and I’ve got my eye on the Huntington Beach Marathon in February. I suppose I was a bit naive the first time around, because I registered for it with little marathon training under my belt, and I think my finish time reflected that. I finished in 4:19:23.

The first half of the marathon I was pacing at about 8:30. That may seem slow to a lot of people, but it was  pretty quick for me and I actually felt good at that pace. Then the second half of the race came about and I ran out of gas. I ended up walking for some stretches and that was extremely disappointing to me. But when you run out of gas, you run out of gas.

I think I can do better. That’s why I’m taking on the Huntington Beach Marathon. I know that in order to achieve my goals I need to do a better job of training and preparing, so I found myself a training program that I can work on by myself. I work a regular 8-5 job, but when you have training runs that are sometimes 10 miles long, multiple times during the week, it can be difficult to slot that in. So with my schedule, I think this will be a good solution for me. I guess we’ll see on race day.

This training regimen is from Runner’s World. They have multiple options depending on your level and what you want to accomplish; I chose the intermediate level. This schedule comes with an additional 11 pages, breaking down exactly what you should be trying to accomplish for each day, tips, and slight tweaks to what’s listed in case you want to push harder or need an easier day depending on what your body is telling you.

If you are looking for something similar, I would recommend purchasing it from their website. It’s cheap and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Here’s an overview of how it looks.

Marathon Training Schedule

Race day is February 7th, so I already had to cut out 6 weeks of the training program. I was already logging between 20 and 30 miles per week, and maybe I’m being naive about my training again, but I feel pretty good this time around. A couple of years down the line (if I keep this up) I’ll probably look back and shake my head, but we’ll see.

Today’s results: Day 49

Day 49

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