Today is Tuesday. We should be home by now, but our airplane had a mechanical issue yesterday. Coming home is polarizing for me. On one hand I miss my family and friends dearly. After all, they have shaped my identity and taught me what is important in my life. On the other hand, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of trying to spend time with everyone in the short amount of time that we have. Mostly “hanging out” means going to a bar somewhere, which is fine, but when you do that day after day, it is physically taxing. I’m excited to get home and cook a bland meal of fish, wild rice, and zucchini. 

The purpose of our trip was to witness my sister’s wedding, and to support her and her husband. It was beautiful. I say that not for the obvious reasons that the food was good, venue nice, cake delicious, etc., but because is was so incredibly honest. They meant it with all their hearts, and I believe that everyone in attendance could sense that. We all go through our hardships in life, our successes, and minor corrections in an otherwise linear path leading towards peace of mind and financial freedom. This wedding proves there is balance in the world, and I believe my sister found that with her husband, Robert.

Krissy has sweet moves. I have video to prove it..

Maybe home is a state of mind. A place where you feel love and can be loved, be at peace, and fully committed to your path.

I’m also getting married shortly. August 28th to be exact. We were able to carve out some time on Friday to go up to Schweitzer Mountain Resort (where Callie and I will be married) for a final details meeting. I’m excited about the thought of getting our families together for laughs, shared memories, and creating new memories. There’s only a handful of times where everyone comes together for a shared purpose, and it will be amazing to have some of the most important people in our lives witness the beginning of the next chapter in our lives together.

Aside from details such as what color the table linens are going to be, the best man and I were able to carve out some time to go for a trail run and check out the actual site of the ceremony. I’ve been mountain biking up there a few times before, so I knew there was a pretty good trail system in place, but had never run any of them. From the village, we ran up the cat track towards chair 4. The trail turns back across the face of the mountain and under the main lift (Great Escape Quad), then follows the ridge line up to the top of the Quad. After that, we ran down towards chair 6, then up to Little Blue, down the ridge and finally up the ridge line to Big Blue.

I’m conflicted. Everything I experience is beautiful. The Schweitzer Mountain trail run, our backpacking adventures in the Los Angeles Forest, snorkeling in the ocean, running marathons, witnessing my sister marrying the love of her life. I really do hope that home is a state of mind. I fully feel the power of love, and love completely with all I can give. I’m at peace, and I’ve never been more committed to my path than I am now. 

“Home is whenever I’m with you”

One Comment on “Home

  1. You got it.
    Takes a while to understand the truth that has been revealed to you. “Home is whenever I’m with You” sums it up. A person can be in a crowded room and yet be ever so alone.
    We need each other in a most peculiar way. A person we can trust, because our own minds cannot assess the quality of our own knowledge.

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